Winter is here!

As you already know from a previous post, I am Colombian. More precisely from Cartagena, which is a very very hot place because is in the coast.

To us it is summer the whole year. So for us a simple shirt and some shorts would be enough to wear when going out. 

Cartagena is beautiful. It is like living in the colonial era.

I used to live three blocks away from the beach, and I could just take a walk to the bay where I would usually roller blade. We are really colorful and fun people. we are always happy. or at least most of the time.

We have many touristic places one of them is called “castillo de san felipe” yes, it is a castle. People can go in it.

We also have monuments all over the city. 

And this is downtown, we call it “El centro” here is where more tourists go to take pictures and make friends. 

Cartagena is really hot, I used to complain about it because at midday you could feel the sun on your skin and you would sweat a lot. 

But now that I’ve been living her for two years, I really miss it. New York’s weather is just driving me crazy.

It is either I have a runny nose or I just cannot breathe some days. And when its winter. OMG! I just want to put my whole closet on. 

So far this is my third winter here, I believe if I survived two I’ll be able two make it through this one as well.


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