My final post!

I believe this is  it. 

2018 is gone and so is the semester, I’ve earned a lot academically in just a couple of months. 

with my CT 101 class, for example. I learned how to work with Macs mainly, I have never understood the way computers work in general, and I believe Macs are a little bit more complicated that the others. 

apart from computers I actually learned about programs as Photoshop which I had never ever used before, it was fun learning some tricks, even though I know it is just the basis, I think the learning process was smooth and enriching. 

I’ve got to work with tools that I never knew about before, and I even created my own webpage where I share some of my thoughts and some of the things that go through my mind. 

I would love to take a more advanced course in the future to better my skills and learn some more about the topic. 

Since we have been asked to give ourselves a grade, I would have to say  that my work could be graded a “B” I’ve put work into my work even though I have not have the time or the equipment to work with, or have not even been in my best moment throughout the semester, I think I have put in the best of me on keeping up with my work.  

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