are memes art?

Creating memes can be fun, but is it real art? For many of us it might seem like it is. Memes can certainly make you feel some type of connection with the people who share them and that is truly a way of art.

Now memes can also make your day a little better right? Life has become a little more excited ever since memes have taken over the internet.  Now  because it takes time and some effort to create the those people who spend hours trying to find the perfect quote or the perfect image should be given some credit and be called “artists”.

Here are some of my favorite ones:


From my own experience about creating a meme, I’d say  it is not as easy as it seems to be but when you have the results you expected it feels awesome.

Here is my work from today: 

My “Colombianity”

“You sound like her!” my classmate said, when she saw a picture of Sophia Vergara “La T0ti” in my screen…

 And yes I do. We are from the same place, Colombia. and from a similar city too. so our accent are actually really similar.

She represents what people from my culture are like, we are not crazy… we are just being ourselves!   Don’t be scared tho. we are actually fun to hang out and befriend with. I assure you that.

People can be biased sometimes and have these assumptions about latinos that might be true or might not so I invite you today to dig into it. If you see a “Latin@” and your curious ask them your questions! 

I personally just admire her for everything she has done and for how far she has gotten just by been herself and never changing any of what she truly is i hope I can be somewhat like her in the future. 

My 20th birthday

It’s 2018 and I have just turned 20! my birthday happens to be October 31st, I love thinking about costumes and how I’m going to spend halloween.

this year my cousin, sister and I decided to dress up as a witch, a cheetah and Harley Quinn and go iceskating.  We had an awesome time.

later on we took a walk around Time square and we became famous for a couple of hours. people were asking for pictures and we were forced to socialize with them.

We had a great time a would say i just can’t wait for next year when I turn 21!