My final post!

I believe this is  it. 

2018 is gone and so is the semester, I’ve earned a lot academically in just a couple of months. 

with my CT 101 class, for example. I learned how to work with Macs mainly, I have never understood the way computers work in general, and I believe Macs are a little bit more complicated that the others. 

apart from computers I actually learned about programs as Photoshop which I had never ever used before, it was fun learning some tricks, even though I know it is just the basis, I think the learning process was smooth and enriching. 

I’ve got to work with tools that I never knew about before, and I even created my own webpage where I share some of my thoughts and some of the things that go through my mind. 

I would love to take a more advanced course in the future to better my skills and learn some more about the topic. 

Since we have been asked to give ourselves a grade, I would have to say  that my work could be graded a “B” I’ve put work into my work even though I have not have the time or the equipment to work with, or have not even been in my best moment throughout the semester, I think I have put in the best of me on keeping up with my work.  

Joining the Army!

Since I’ve always liked challenges, there is an idea that has been in my mind for a while now so I decided that I might just go for it.

I am joining the Army, 2019 is about to be crazy. I know this already, but the army sounds like an experience that will make me gain strength not only physically but also mentally so that I am capable of making decisions that will put me where I want to be in the future. 

I shall survive.


Life is to adventure, to feel lost and to find oneself

To look at new skies with eyes full of hope and reinvent everyday.

Venture is being full of fear, but still fighting 

even when words full of judgement come your way, you’re still trying.

We are what we make of ourselves, people and scenarios are only to shape

The soul that’s already formed, built up to success. 

Mountains of failure are climbed by those strong enough to work their way to the pick.