My final post!

I believe this is  it. 

2018 is gone and so is the semester, I’ve earned a lot academically in just a couple of months. 

with my CT 101 class, for example. I learned how to work with Macs mainly, I have never understood the way computers work in general, and I believe Macs are a little bit more complicated that the others. 

apart from computers I actually learned about programs as Photoshop which I had never ever used before, it was fun learning some tricks, even though I know it is just the basis, I think the learning process was smooth and enriching. 

I’ve got to work with tools that I never knew about before, and I even created my own webpage where I share some of my thoughts and some of the things that go through my mind. 

I would love to take a more advanced course in the future to better my skills and learn some more about the topic. 

Since we have been asked to give ourselves a grade, I would have to say  that my work could be graded a “B” I’ve put work into my work even though I have not have the time or the equipment to work with, or have not even been in my best moment throughout the semester, I think I have put in the best of me on keeping up with my work.  

Joining the Army!

Since I’ve always liked challenges, there is an idea that has been in my mind for a while now so I decided that I might just go for it.

I am joining the Army, 2019 is about to be crazy. I know this already, but the army sounds like an experience that will make me gain strength not only physically but also mentally so that I am capable of making decisions that will put me where I want to be in the future. 

I shall survive.


Life is to adventure, to feel lost and to find oneself

To look at new skies with eyes full of hope and reinvent everyday.

Venture is being full of fear, but still fighting 

even when words full of judgement come your way, you’re still trying.

We are what we make of ourselves, people and scenarios are only to shape

The soul that’s already formed, built up to success. 

Mountains of failure are climbed by those strong enough to work their way to the pick.

My new Binge-Serie

As you know my favorite show has always been “Sponge Bob” Just because it reminds me of my childhood and honestly who does not enjoy a good episode of Sponge Bob?

I also enjoy series like, The Law and Order, CSI. And one of my favorites is “Impractical Jokers”

But here is a secret…

Those are now in the past. My new obsession is “Friends” or should I write it F.R.I.E.N.D.S?

I must say they are hilarious! they crack me up every episode, I would stay home all day just binge-watching it. I find Joey to be my favorite character, probably because his behavior is very similar to mine. sorry, not sorry.

 Here is the latest episode I’ve seen. Hope you enjoy it.


As the year is about to end the holidays are taking over, not so long ago we had Thanksgiving. 

I was supposed to watch my weight, because I have not being careful with the way I have been eating lately, but common it’s about to be Christmas!

Let’s get to eat, and we’ll worry about the weight next year. 

Winter is here!

As you already know from a previous post, I am Colombian. More precisely from Cartagena, which is a very very hot place because is in the coast.

To us it is summer the whole year. So for us a simple shirt and some shorts would be enough to wear when going out. 

Cartagena is beautiful. It is like living in the colonial era.

I used to live three blocks away from the beach, and I could just take a walk to the bay where I would usually roller blade. We are really colorful and fun people. we are always happy. or at least most of the time.

We have many touristic places one of them is called “castillo de san felipe” yes, it is a castle. People can go in it.

We also have monuments all over the city. 

And this is downtown, we call it “El centro” here is where more tourists go to take pictures and make friends. 

Cartagena is really hot, I used to complain about it because at midday you could feel the sun on your skin and you would sweat a lot. 

But now that I’ve been living her for two years, I really miss it. New York’s weather is just driving me crazy.

It is either I have a runny nose or I just cannot breathe some days. And when its winter. OMG! I just want to put my whole closet on. 

So far this is my third winter here, I believe if I survived two I’ll be able two make it through this one as well.


A quick flash back!

Back to when we started the semester I found really cool how just with my phone could have people thinking I am using some kind of app or tool in order to get pictures like this one.

Here is my cousin playing hide and seek with herself while waiting for her next class on campus.


It took us a couple of attempts but at the end we got it.

Vapor Wave fever!

Today in class we learned about vapor wave and I must say although it is fun to do, it is really complicated as well. We collected images from chrome and worked with photoshop to put the layers together. It makes you want to keep exploring about it. It is a little tricky but I made it!

My fisrt GIF!!!

When I came to class on Tuesday morning I was a little moody as usual, but at the moment the professor said “We are crating a GIF today” My mood changed from dark to brighter colors. 

We did it on something we like so what first came to my mind was my favorite cartoon SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS and of course I was happy about it.




at first I thought it’d be difficult because I’m not so skillful with computers and technology and just the web in general so I was like “Oh no!” 



But then he introduced tools like Imgur and Giphy and things went smoothly from there.

So I said: 

What makes me happy. –

I believe anything can make me happy, and yes I’m not exaggerating . 

Nature makes me happy just as it makes me calm, just going for a walk or sitting on a bench at the park will put a smile on my face. 

I also enjoy making other people happy, I can try some corny jokes or maybe just being a little annoying with them , sometimes I feel like I’m almost 20 but in reality I’m about to be 13 because of how childish I can be. Dancing makes me happy too. 

And music 

AND OF COURSE DOGS!!!!! just cause look at them